Basic Engineering

Kessler Process Automation

The Foundation for SuccessProject Development, Philosophy, Standardization

It begins here. The cornerstone of successful automation, successful modernization, or even the complete replacement of old process control technology is laid at the foundation, in Basic Engineering. Here, we develop a strategy, an effective concept, for our customers that strives toward the project objective and makes it concrete and more easily understood. And it is not merely about the hard numbers – the philosophy of each automation project needs to be well thought out and individually designed.

It Begins with a Definition

All beginnings are difficult - they may be, but they don't have to be. At the beginning of every automation project, we define the key parameters, develop the framework specifications according to the customer's wishes, within which the final production is to take place. How are temperatures to be handled at the site? How will parameters such as pressure, time, weight, etc. be calibrated and communicated? This and more takes place in this work step at Kessler Process Automation in order to be able to guarantee smooth project logistics, customized software and finally a successful automation project. Basic determination, concepts for handling and automation, specification definition, system-neutral function planning, SIL safety concepts and a first cost estimate belong to this area of basic engineering at Kessler Process Automation and represent one of the first steps towards a more modern control technology.