Kessler Process AUTOMATION

Outsource and Benefit Performance, Security, Accessibility

Whether large, small or medium-sized: Hosting is an area of IT that can be profitably integrated into all company sizes. Hosting, as implemented by Kessler Process Automation, is an alternative to having your own servers at the company location. But what is the advantage of having us take over these tasks of data storage, archiving and backup? The answer is as simple as it is logical. Not only does the elimination of the servers at the company site create new space, but it also eliminates power and maintenance-intensive work. On the other hand, nothing is lost, because with powerful performance we can continue to enable our customers to work comfortably via client when they need to access the data on our servers. And of course, security is not neglected at all. When company data is transferred to our servers via hosting, we take full responsibility and use all our know-how to protect it from unauthorized access, attacks and other security risks.

Close to the Customer

Our service around hosting for companies of any size is not limited to granting customers certain capacities on our servers. Our hosting takes the next step, the step towards more customer proximity. This means that Kessler Process Automation can always help quickly and, above all, personally when problems and malfunctions occur and a contact person is desperately needed. To summarize the all-round carefree package in the hosting area: From non-binding consulting and concept creation, our offer ranges from attractive pricing, stable performance, 24/7 on-call service, daily data backup with 4 weeks data retention, backup/data restore in minutes to pick-up and return service for data media and backups. In addition, we work with redundant systems with separate fire compartments - because security always comes first.