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One team - one strategy: Being there when it counts. Kessler Process Automation is there when it counts, 24/7. Automation technology, network infrastructure concepts, virtualization and engineering of complex process control systems or security and hosting solutions - our credo is: Quality without compromise. In every field. From small server cabinets to medium-sized hosting concepts to full-service support for the control technology of a large power plant.

At Home with Industry 4.0

Product and planning quality, flexibility of action and cooperation with a family-like personal character - all this goes hand in hand with us, because nothing has sustainable success if it rests rigidly on tried and tested structures. This is what is at the core of Kessler Process Automation: measurement, control and instrumentation technology with head, heart and hand - from planning and implementation to ongoing future support in service. Solutions are created here. For every need. High quality. Flexible. Good.

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All industry is based on a pyramidal structure: at the broad base, parameters such as pressure and temperature are measured; at the next level, downstream processes are automated with the appropriate technology; and at the top, management and process control technology control, regulate, and correct all technical subsections down to the bottom. Kessler Process Automation takes care of all these levels.

Product, Process, Human, and MachinePerfectly Networked for Perfect Communication

In times when the concept of Industry 4.0 requires the latest standards for individual special solutions to also optimize industrial process control and production in the spirit of digitalization, Kessler Process Automation already offers routine experience with these technologies. We have made state-of-the-art communication structures, intelligent network solutions and smart virtualization modules our core competence since our founding in 2008, even before others had reached that point.
Are old technologies to be replaced by new ones during a machine shutdown or even while the process is running? Should processes be optimized with which measured values determined in the power plant are communicated to the central computer center? Or are individually programmed systems to be installed, which compare measured results with target values in order to be able to intervene regulating afterwards? For these and other projects, Kessler Process Automation offers you a team of highly qualified specialists trained to international standards and with a wide range of experience.

Kessler Process Automation
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