Technical Approval and Commissioning

Kessler Process AUTOMATION

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What good is even the best technology, the most intelligent software, and the most detailed planning if it all can’t be brought together to fit perfectly on-site? Not much. We know this, which is why – when it comes to commissioning and the prior technical approval in particular – we focus on the needs of our customer and their individual automation and process control technology. Specifically, that means we develop our own concepts for when and how the equipment can be commissioned, whether production has to be stopped during this time, or whether – rather than a cold phase – commissioning can take place during a hot phase during which the process can continue without major losses. In both situations, our customers can rely on our expertise, routines, and the innovative approaches we use to assemble the new technology or specially made hardware. The same goes for new programs and other software solutions, because they too have to be adaptable to the predominant process on-site with regard to installation and integration.

Trust in
experienced competence

Before software, hardware, or new cables are brought into an existing system, they first have receive technical approval. This confirms proper installation, smooth operation, and complete documentation – regardless of the conditions under which we have to act within the framework of installation, assembly, and delivery. In this regard, our customers can always rely on professional and comprehensive service, ranging from planning and delivery of materials to the monitoring of installation quality. The industrial standards are our absolute guide for our technical approval and commissioning procedure – everything you need to be ready to go after handover.