Switch cabinet construction

Kessler Process AUTOMATION

High-quality bespoke switching cabinets
Compliance with standards, custom production, component independence

When it comes to process plants, not all electrical and electronic components can be housed in the machines involved. The right place for these components is then the control cabinet. As an inseparable element of the automation process, the control cabinet is also part of our daily business, our core tasks, and our customers can rely on years of experience and up-to-date know-how when it comes to control cabinet construction. And since not all control cabinets are the same, Kessler Process Automation offers numerous different designs of this important component, ranging from DCS cabinets, network cabinets, control cabinets, equipment cabinets and server cabinets to marshalling cabinets.
Thanks to our modern production hall, we can quickly and flexibly manufacture high-quality control cabinets that always precisely meet customer requirements. And of course, everything about control cabinet construction at Kessler Process Automation is subject to compliance with all industrial norms and standards. Once the cabinet is finally built, we can ship it all over the world from our conveniently located logistics site in Echternach.

Bespoke switch cabinet construction

If we are allowed to take on the construction of control cabinets for a customer, the client can be sure that the project is in the hands of professionals. Our qualified employees manufacture control cabinets of all kinds - no matter how individual the customer's request. From IT and server cabinets to system cabinets, Kessler Process Automation is the contact when it comes to control cabinet solutions according to individual dimensions and component wishes. Freely selectable equipment variants, a modular design, possible expansion, e.g. as a system cabinet or marshalling cabinet, as well as installation during ongoing IT operation - everything is possible with our professional services for control cabinet construction. And finally, our job does not end with the production of the respective cabinet; we also accompany our customers after production through installation and assembly to the final completed complete solution.