Life Cycle Service

Kessler Process AUTOMATION

Keep it alive System Checks, Software Upgrades, Security Concepts

Keep it alive: This is the motto of Kessler Process Automation when it comes to lifecycle service. Systems installed by us or maintained or modernized by our engineers should remain in operation for as long as possible, because after all, quality should be able to do just that: work reliably, comfortably and safely for a long time. With our Lifecycle Service, we want to maintain exactly this optimal working and process condition and thus act with our service portfolio around the support of lifetime extension. In doing so, we operate worldwide and have already proven ourselves on a wide variety of plants all over the globe.

Variety of Services for Tailored Support

Support and service can only ever be as good as their fit with the respective product or problem area. That means that the smaller the portfolio of services, the more general and standardized the help will be that is offered in troublesome situations. We have taken this credo to heart, which is why we have incorporated a wide range of Life Cycle Services into our portfolio. The goal in doing so is to ensure that we are prepared to offer the right course of action for any problem or critical case.
Starting with annual system checks, regular software upgrades and online mirror concepts, through backup strategies using the Kessler PA Plant backup system, a redundant power supply feed for cabinets and desktop machines and documentation preparation of the individual systems, to network analyses, security concepts, remote support, hotline or fixed service contract with response time - we offer everything from a single source to have a customized answer for every problem.