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Kessler Process AUTOMATION

Service Anytime, Anywhere Remote Support, Service Reports,
24-7 Hotline

Service is important to us. But that doesn’t just mean that we take responsibility for the quality and preservation of our products after assembly and installation – regardless of whether they are digital or hardware solutions. It also means that we also provide our customers with precisely the service and support package they want and need. With our modular service agreements, we can offer an individual support package with prices and services precisely tailored to the respective requirements – in the same way we also constantly adapt our software and hardware products to the situation of the customer.

Worry-Free Support

If our clients rely on an individually created and personally developed service contract with Kessler Process Automation, they can count on the fastest possible response time, which is simultaneously coupled with 24/7 readiness. The perfect framework program if you want to be prepared at all times against failures, malfunctions or parts breakage. But it also works without a service contract: Kessler Process Automation offers a hotline as well as remote support. Detailed service reports and access to the Kessler PA service portal round off the range of services, with which any problem can be solved by expert and experienced support.