Tailored Software

Kessler Process AUTOMATION

Individuality Is
Our Standard Add-Ons, Faceplates, Tools

Individuality is the alpha and omega, and not only in the field of software development for process control technology. In nearly all areas of life, people are striving to create products that are tailored specifically to a person, a need, a purpose, or an occasion. Of course – because this approach generates the best results, just like we can run the fastest in custom-made shoes. This is exactly our approach when it comes to Tailored Software, which we program individually for the application of the respective customer. We then also optimize and made adjustments as necessary – one-of-a-kind technology for unique areas of application. After all, our customers have extraordinary requirements that also require just the right tool.

No Problems, Just Solutions

From customer-specific add-ons to individually manufactured faceplates or faceplate extensions, such as Numeric keypad 800xA faceplate add-on and Composer - ANMON with 8 freely selectable limit values - software development at Kessler Process Automation has many facets. Only one thing is always the same: Our software must fit the customer's task - not the other way around. Those who try to apply the standard to the individual case limit themselves. We analyze the customer's initial situation and develop the required software solution from the status quo, which includes, for example, the implementation of calculation programs in the control system or ZOV-Sync. In addition, we can maintain standard software and the libraries already existing in the company, but still extend them with many useful and individual tools to keep them fit for the future.