System Condition Monitoring

Kessler Process AUTOMATION

System Monitoring and Process Control System in One Monitoring, Adaptation, Information Transmission

What makes Kessler PA System Condition Monitoring, or SCM for short, so special and why is it important for us to elevate this product to a level of its own? The starting point for explaining what makes SCM unique is - how could it be otherwise? - the customer. As an example, this customer receives information from numerous plants at different locations. This information, in turn, is recorded and processed in the IT department of the data center. The aim of SCM is now to mediate between the producing plant unit and IT so that the information required can be retrieved from both sides. Kessler Process Automation thus acts as a mediator between two worlds, the link between the controller in the plant and the IT in the data center. In this way, all important parameters, all technology can be queried on site, but conversely, the data center of the IT can also be queried by the plant operator. In this way, status monitoring can take place everywhere at the same time by controlling hardware and virtual interfaces equally.

A Central Solution for Many Devices

The key point of our SCM is that it enables users to monitor information from many devices simultaneously from one central solution. This makes work at both positions more efficient, as the information display is not spread too widely. Using a specially adapted display for each device, the SCM offers all the possibilities and advantages of a modern process control system, thus combining these functions with those of intelligent system monitoring. The result of a conversion to our SCM is, on the one hand, that you can benefit from a self-sufficient monitoring system, which can also be used to realize an individual system adaptation and display with customer-specific typicals. On the other hand, the Kessler PA SCM ensures fast data processing and connection through OPC as well as all the possibilities of a contemporary process control system.