Detail Engineering

Kessler Process AUTOMATION

Details Are the KeyAnalysis, Planning, Implementation

Once the framework conditions have been set in basic engineering, the most important customer parameters have been defined, and the project planning has also been set in motion logistically, it's time for the details. And this is where the key to ultimate success lies. It's the little things that provide the big added value in an optimally running process control system. And it is these details that we at Kessler Process Automation are concerned with in Detail Engineering. The refinement of the knowledge and results gained in basic engineering. To do this, we use modern CAE/CAD systems to further refine the basics and go into even more binding detail on every aspect of the underlying planning. Here we optimize project implementation costs and work out the most efficient project duration. And, of course, we never lose sight of the most important thing: meeting all customer requirements.

Down to the Details of the Subtleties

We leave nothing to chance in Detail Engineering. After all, at the end of the chain of cause and effect, even the tiniest of changes can result in major incidents and not only be responsible for short-term outages, but can also lead to heavy financial losses. For precisely this reason, meticulous precision and avoiding all errors are crucial during the creation of schematic diagrams, the layout for measuring stations and control rooms, and lists of components and materials for equipment. Technical documentation, assembly planning, and estimates and ordering for the necessary technology fall under our Detail Engineering and, as a matter of course, are treated with the same degree of care.