IT Security

Kessler Process AUTOMATION

Better Safe Than Sorry Protection, Development, Access Management

Where sensitive company data is archived, process control technology is implemented with individually programmed software, and reciprocal communication structures between the plant and the data center pay attention to and depend on measured value control as well as data transfers, the security aspect cannot be written large enough. Kessler Process Automation applies the broad brush here in IT security so that everything that increases the protection of internal data, production assets or infrastructural risk interfaces can be handled with the necessary care. In today's world, an IT system is exposed to constant sources of danger. Whether it's a virus, a Trojan horse or even unwanted access directly on site: the possibilities for exerting a negative influence on a sensitive company system are manifold. The protective mechanisms that need to be set up in the company to prevent a system attack are just as diverse. And this is possible both mechanically at the local access point on site and digitally with virus protection and firewall systems.

Protection according to the Highest Standards

It is not only the protection itself that is supposed to protect against hackers and external aggressors with appropriate software. Often, it is already the access possibility where the attacks from the outside start. Here, Kessler Process Automation can help with complex authentication systems and modern encryption systems to provide a remedy already at these neuralgic points and to prevent serious consequences for the company. Furthermore, we set up effective firewalls for our clients according to individual specifications and requirements, which of course comply with BSI standards and other cybersecurity standards. Through controlled patch management, we can also help to keep the installed system on site constantly up to date in order to be armed against constantly evolving threats and to stay one step ahead of the latest threats.