Refurbishment of the Echternach Fire Pump Station

Customer Echternach industrial zone
Refurbishment of the Echternach Fire Pump Station


Refurbishment of the Echternach Fire Pump Station

The fire pump station in Echternach’s industrial zone not only acts as a water reservoir for the local fire brigade’s operations, but also supplies the automatic fire-extinguishing systems of the businesses located in the industrial zone. In order to keep the station in functioning condition, it was completely refurbished and brought up to date technologically. From the electrical and hardware engineering to the final software engineering, we supported ATH Brandschutzgesellschaft mbH as a reliable partner and contributed our many years of expertise to the project.


Everything from a Single Source

To ensure that the project ran smoothly, our experts performed all the work needed on the electrical engineering, hardware engineering, and software engineering during the refurbishment. For example, we looked after the connection of and control systems for three diesel-powered fire-extinguishing pump units and supplied and connected Siemens automation control cabinets and systems. Kessler also performed the entire electrical installation and commissioned the alarm system technology, while also holding the final customer training. During the course of the project, the following tasks were part of our duties:


  • Connection and control of 3 diesel-powered fire-extinguishing pump units with a nominal flow rate of 381 m³/h
  • Supply and connection of the low-voltage subdistribution
  • Supply and connection of Siemens automation control cabinets and systems
  • Electrical and hardware engineering for the entire system, incl. EPLAN documentation
  • Software engineering for all the automation and process technology
  • Complete electrical technology, electrical installation, and alarm system technology, incl. cabling work
  • Connection to higher-level remote control technology
  • Customer training, preparation of functional specifications
  • Creation of earthing and lightning protection system concepts and construction of these systems