Turnkey Siemens PCS7 System for RWE Power AG Kierdorf

Customer RWE Power AG
Turnkey Siemens PCS7 System for RWE Power AG Kierdorf
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For many years now, we’ve been impressing our customers with tailored IT and automation solutions for industrial processes that offer real added value. RWE Power AG in Kierdorf placed its trust in our expertise when the company commissioned us to integrate a modern, turnkey Siemens PCS7 system into an existing network of remotely operated systems. With all the challenges we encountered, this was no easy project. For example, the entire control strategy had to be reimplemented and standardized, with manual steps requiring the assistance of experienced experts. Two off-site control rooms also needed to be able to operate the system with master control, which required mutual approvals with increased precision. Another challenge was the old, overcomplicated DCS logic.

The timeframe for commissioning the hardware (cabling, loop checks, cold commissioning) and software (interlocks, control settings, calibrations) was limited to just seven days. In addition, hot commissioning was only possible during the initial system start-up. Needless to say, we kept all the parties involved up to date at every point throughout the project and obtained their approval for each and every step along the way. The old DCS system had to be migrated and was broken down into the following primary components:

• Wall-mounted Siemens mosaic system with analog displays for operational control
• Siemens S5 SV91 protection system
• Siemens S5 135U alarm and warning system
• RK512 communication for controlling the system remotely
• Siemens SINAMICS G150 for frequency-controlled motors


Comprehensive Service from a Single Source

In order to meet the high demands of our customer, we worked out a detailed project plan in the first step and determined at an early stage which hardware and software was to be used. This was the only way to ensure turnkey project implementation - from basic engineering to operator training. Schedules were worked out, kick-off meetings coordinated with all parties involved, until all cost and quality requirements were successfully met - and without any plant downtime. In addition to our customer's expectations, during the project we delivered a new recirculation mode for maintenance purposes on the feed pumps and provided controller optimization. These optimizations drastically reduce raw water line leakage. The implementation of the Kessler Process Automation strategies also contributes massively to plant reliability, as operating procedures have been improved (monitoring of plant performance, optimization of alarms, standardization of the operating philosophy). In the end, we were able to convince our customers with comprehensive service from a single source!